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John Harju

Podcast Junkie, Musician, Lovecraftian Enthusiast

John Harju is a podcast addict who is still learning to say no, but he’s getting better because through the power of Sweet Tea and Jesus he can do all the things

Celeste Mora

Content Creator, Voice Actress, Magic Fiber Artist, and Enthusiastic Book Wyrm

Celeste Mora is a Book Wyrm, A Geek and a passionate coffee enthusiast. She also has a bit of magic she uses to turn yarn into things, as well as creating voices that entertain people… at least her husband…
she hopes.

Katherine Czerwinski

Author, Podcaster, Voice Actress, Overzealous Friend

Squid has spent the last twenty years procrastinating on all her writing projects and convincing gullible people that her name really is Squid. So far, its been working.

Latest Episodes

  • Dust Jacket – Meet Celeste

    We get it, meeting new people and connecting to a new podcast can be scary. It’s like picking up a book and wondering… is this worth reading? We’d like to help you out by providing you with this Audio Dust Jacket where you get to meet one of our podcasters, Celeste! Hope you enjoy this Audio Dust Jacket and hope to see have you join us for future episodes!

    Listen on Spotify; or listen to the audio below.

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